Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Last Season Of Sons Of Anarchy

I'll definitely be watching, and if you like intense, no-holds barred, high quality television, so should you. Sons of Anarchy, of course, airs on FX, which is for me the new gold standard of non-premium cable television.

Kurt Sutter, the producer of the show, has decided to go all out. Walton Goggins will be making a return appearance as transvestite prostitute Venus Van Dam; Marilyn Manson has been tapped to play a White Supremacist; Drea DeMatteo is back in the picture as Jax's ex; and perhaps best of all, Courtney Love will be on board as a fifty-something preschool teacher. 

I especially look forward to Courtney's role, as I still remember the awe with which I viewed her performance as Althea Flynt, wife of Hustler pornographer Larry, in the film The People Versus Larry Flynt. It was a performance which earned her a Golden Globe nomination, and rightly so.

Last season, of course, saw the demise of longtime SAMCRO leader Clay Morrow-incidentally a brilliant move which almost had to happen sometime anyway, and so probably it was considered better out of the way a tad bit early. This would allow for the greater development, and a more mysterious ultimate denouement. Had it been kept until the end, it would have by necessity taken up the lion's share of the story and plot, all for something the average viewer could easily figure out was bound to happen.

The real shocker was the murder of Jax's wife Tara (Maggie Siff)  by Jax's mother, who has in the meantime formed an alliance with SAMCRO former rat of necessity, "Juice".
As already jangled nerves serve to become even more frayed, it's tempting to speculate on what directions the different plots might go. 

I think it's probably safe to say that Kurt Sutter will resist the temptation to have Courtney's character kill Jax with a shotgun blast, then set the scene to look like a suicide. But at this stage, maybe we shouldn't really be surprised at that.

One thing we can almost definitely count on. Going by this review of the first three episodes, the stage is being set for a satisfying conclusion.