Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Courtesy of Ilana Mercer at Barely A Blog comes the story of Avel Amarel, a man who took the rare step of refusing entrance to his apartment by the cops, who had no warrant, and seemingly no probable cause to search his premises. They certainly tried, though, and about halfway or more through the lengthy discourse they came up with the excuse that they suspected him of harboring some vague suspect in a domestic disturbance. He understood what all too many people either do not, or do but are afraid to act on. The cops are not always necessarily your friend, nor are they guardians and defenders of the US Constitution. Cops will lie to try to trip you up, and if you give them access to your abode, you may very well make it all too easy for them to "find" evidence to use against you. Nor can you expect the DA's office to make things right. It's their job basically to hang you by the nuts, which is why a good defense attorney is vital in a free society. 

So watch, enjoy the video of a true American patriot-and learn!